Bulawayo (Poem)

You’re not a city of kings, you’re a Kingdom,
They have the naming wrong ;we forgive them,
Come from around the globe ; we receive them,
You have arts in your sleeve; we retrieve them,
Sharing royal dreams ‘cause we believe them,
And weave them, with melody and rhythm,
Bulawayo arts always focuses on reason,
No vocals imprisoned, all soldiers have risen,
From Cont Mhlanga, Stix, to Rozalliny taking “pics”,
Majaivana speaks and that’s freedom of speech,
From beats done by Leach to Umkhula skits,
Seen Khura Arts “chicks”; a powerful niche,
Marketing, grouping talents, place the brackets in,
Surfacing what you taught me, I’m practicing,
Breathing poetry, you made it feel like oxygen,
Conceiving greats, you’re never out of oestrogen,
“Who’s Mackina?”, go through twitter before you ask again,
Seems the light has been torturing the dark again,
ZuluGirl ; she’s inspiring that spark again,
Lyricism for my city came to touch my brain,
We lost father Zimbabwe; that’s Africa’s pain,
We’re the soul of the arts, we’re Africa’s pen,
I thank Kudana for the vision and the meanings I learnt,
Bulawayo is no city; it’s the Kingdom I meant.

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  1. Michael Mupotaringa

    It gives me great honour to be mentioned by a contemporary poet like you, who has, in this piece, lyrically praised the hub of Arts in Zimbabwe.
    This verse told a story through catchy and neccesary rhymes and a rhythm of praise and is a very well deserving Ode to the old and the new stars of a city we take pride in.

    It's melody can be heard echoing in the head of the reader, even though the verse is in acapella, its metaphors are an instrumental that is mental.

    Once again, it is an outstanding hnour to be associated by a great like you.

    I am proud of you my dear friend, keep elevating, by association we will also get elevated!!!

  2. I am #UntitledChronicles -

  3. l haven't been mentioned, but this is creative and different, raising Bulawayo to the sky where it belongs. The kingdom that we all cherish and identify with. I couldn't help it but scribbled my comment as well. A rare commodity.

  4. Thank you Ernest and thank you Patience. Yes I'll admit I left out many, because in that Kingdom we are all heirs. We should connect sometime so I can get acquainted with what you do. What's your twitter handle.

  5. brigitte PoirsonApril 2, 2013 at 5:39 PM

    This is an admirable lyrical poem. It seems the light has struck your pen and it will reach high and far!

  6. Thank you, your compliment is a blessing. I keep these in my pc.

  7. Thank you. Your compliment is a blessing.

  8. Makes me want to see your city

  9. Efo, whenever thrz a big festival, I'll try to get them to invite you. Bt it's a regular City with creative people.

  10. The rhythm like a well caught me fetching till the end, the rhyme scheme is excellent..city of art where artists play, awesome!

  11. Thank you Kwame. But you guys from Ghana made me see a new world of spoken word.

  12. Wow! You are so artistic I must say, and if this poem was on sale for it I would pay. If this poem was a land, then I would stay, till my hair turns grey/ in darkness this poem shines, to light my way/ like the sun, it brought me a new day/so if I was king of the jungle, this poem would be my prey/ if I was in trouble, this poem would my prayer/ and if this poem were a women, then I would be a player/ beyond legitimate, this poem is a best lawyer!....

    I salute u man, and keep on writting, for those like me addicted to reading!your words are healing/ indeed, if this poem were a drug, then I would be a dealer/ but this poem renewed me, thus it's a healer! If IT was in a race, the it would be a winner!

    Think a must follow u, u sound a great leader! Your words well spoken, like those of a preacher! If I were your student, then you'd be my best teacher!......

  13. Thank you Thabiso. I see you're a poet yourself. Where do you showcase your work. You're either a poet or Hiphop emcee.

  14. @michael....#gratitudes. Well I'm a bit of both. In the moment I'm married to both/ yet never took an oath/ I'm inna middle like half a loaf/

    I'm still learning, and soon wanna be like you. You have a skill, and a lot you will kill. The way u write man, that's ill. You got me high, like I smoked an arv pill.

    Aniway, I'm just a writer who's inspired by those like u man. So of this writting is your reality, then its bigger than ma dreams.

    I'm a soldier,but before I joined the Force, I use to be a writter, and if writting were food, then I would nw be a waiter. I did not die in Central, but maybe later. I'm not good in writting stones, but just give me a pen a paper. I'm old school classic, so salty like acean parcific, and when evrybody was in stone age I was stuck in plastic/ like I said, you are so artistic.

    I like the way u write man, I really do, and really wanna follow u! I'm a soldier boy, and most of my time I spend reading what people like u write for people like me! #my gratitudes.

  15. Wow, thank you but I like your style of commenting. It's unique. Hope when u hv sumthn online tweet the link.


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