Leaders (poem)

I can undo what I write in my Microsoft Office,
Never the words on my tongue as soon they’re off it,
Bitter words are costly and never to profit,
The one who speaks, it is murderous practice,
Be careful what your lips spit as an artist,
A leader in the church or political parties,
Though people make their own decisions,
You’re responsible partly,
So when you open your mouth,
It has got to be Godly,
Hardly, any examples left to follow,
Sadly, celebrity lives are dark and hollow,
You may see them on TV yelling out Yolo,
But they cold inside and souls are solo,
Jesus Christ has the shoes we were meant to fit in,
Comfortable strong shoes we can put our feet in,
You can forget society or trying to fit in,
The word is an attire you will feel complete in.

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