Telling Lies: A Song That Ridicules Bling Rap

Mcpotar ridicules bling rap

Bulawayo born rapper Mcpotar is releasing a song to ridicule “bling rap”. The concept of the song is really him mimicking the type of rhymes that bling rappers would use in their songs, such as “stacking money to the ceiling.”

To sloppy listeners this song will actually seem as if Mcpotar is talking about how much money he has, but if you listen to the chorus you will realize he is taking a shot at commercial rappers that rap about things they have not gone through or that are far from their reality. The beat was done by First Class Beats but arranged by Mcpotar himself.

Mcpotar is also releasing a conscious animated poetry video (read story here)

“I’m not saying talking about money in hip-hop is totally out, but the level of success you rap about has to be within your reality even when you’re just being creative. I also believe it’s also not enough to be a conscious rapper if you’re not going to live like one… so the attack is not really on materialistic hip-hop. My point is let’s create realistic hip-hop.”- Mcpotar

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