"Metaphors We Live By": Mcpotar's album finally coming out.

My album is finally coming through. I have been making this promise since I entered the industry in 2002. I wasn't ready yet.

After having done various underground mixtapes, which were distributed in Northend, Bulawayo, ZW. I have managed to see the content I should put in an album. This is more than an album, it's a guideline of the metaphors that we live by as a people. You wouldn't wan't to miss this one.

Keep watching this space as we officialize the appropriate release dates. I have beats from various producers, Macduff, O.P and me included. We're trying to contact the Don Gucci for more. A guy by the name Kudzie has also informed me to come and pick up more beats in Bulawayo.
All that's left is fulfil the studio time and give you people some education , entertainment and substance in : METAPHORS WE LIVE BY.

In the mean time you can visit my soundclick page.

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