Metaphors We Live By: Getting into place.

I have been promising on this blog, an album known as "Metaphors We Live By". Probably to many of you, it now seems like waiting for the end of the world.
Well, rather compare it to the beginning of a new revolution.

Imagine how it would be if you made a modern day Shakespeare spit on a mic with a T.I type of flow. That's exactly what I'm talking about, these are not tracks , they are Chapters... lyrical chapters, that's why there are hard core metaphors in each verse. I'm working with elite minds in this industry. This is purely God given talent: people like Navy Seal, Macduff, Leo, O.P, Mimy and recently a living type of music instrument, Raven.

Watch out for this "album" (Although it is more of a Musical Anthology). If you like Urban Grooves... don't bother listening to this album. You'll feel like we hatin' on you.

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