Synik's "The Beta Version" is off the chain.

Zimbabwean emcee Gerald "Synik" Mugwenhi's "The BeTa Version" is one of the dopest projects to ever come out of Zim in 2010. He uses rich metaphors that build images in your head. If you listen to Eye for an eye, it's like watching a movie with you ears. Eye for an eye is my personal favourite.

Synik is a story teller and this is shown through out the album. Mic Check the first track is one of those tracks that indirectly tell nay sayers to "back off..." or rather not even start with him. The lyrical excellence is just off the chain. Synik sounds more like a story teller, if you're a fan of rappers like Common, 2 Pac, Mos def... you will be able to relate to this album. I'm not impressed with the mastering on some of the tracks... but since it's a "beta version" I'll understand.
The lyrical significance is still 1000%.

He did a few collabs with artistes like Illuminate and Raven Rue, just to name a few. Illuminate is more on that hard-core tip, reminds me of Biggie Smalls. I really don't know why.

All I know is we're waiting for more tracks to review, coz thatz what we do! He makes it, we bootlege it (no pirate).

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