When All Falls Down (Written By Mcpotar)

I know we've had fights maybe too many occasions,
Got space, saw other people, too many equations,
I really wanted you, found solace in these relations,
All this time we shared, depended on your patience,
Cause I was acting foolish despite my education,
You still put up with it for such a long duration,
We drifted out of love, not a pretty situation,
The things that followed up were not of my creation,
We would have loved cake and joyous celebration,
We failed to make it through, the truth that I'm embracing,
You visit in my sleep, the nightmares I'm facing,
I send you texts at times and though we not relating,
We got to arguments from innocent debating,
I stood you up for nothing and know I kept you waiting,
But I feel the gap too, it's been debilitating,
The radio is off, loves songs are irritating,
My mind is switched off, my soul is meditating,
I want to touch a soul, my fingers hesitating,
I see a female post and really feel like hating,
I don't feel like being nice, I don't feel like dating,
I feel like "grab a book", maybe after graduating,
I feel like making money and constant elevation,
Welcome to my scripture, call it revelation.

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