Christianity (WrittenByMcpotar)

They see us pray all night, stretching our hands to cry out,
They see us shout his name till our tongues dry out,
They give us information online that potentially brings doubt,
If blessings were raining it potentially brings drought,
Agnostics and gnostics think we're driven by insanity,
They say we're lost and hate Christianity,
They make movies to indoctrinate the youth,
They present history books and even alter the truth,
Saying they only acknowledge my God as a prophet,
Their intentions are vane they live for the profit,
Worshiping Satan to continue in his office,
Killing innocent people, never caring what loss is,
Leaving countries in turmoil and crisis,
That refuse to conform to Isis,
We stay with the truth and live where the Christ is,
Even if it were far from Benz's and Chryslers,
The feeling is priceless.

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