The Reality

You may think she's sixteen, but she's seen what she's seen,
Probably been to night places you've never been.

You may think he's a boy, because he's a teen,
But he may have porn on his Blackberry screen,

Because you grew up in a time when a hug was obscene,
When getting married a virgin was every girls dream,

Their parents are Christian but sadly never home,
Parented by Facebook they never leave the phone,

Everybody knows  this is the information age,
But don't take everything you read off a page,
Many websites online keep posting contradictions,
Asking if the crucifixion is a truth or fiction,
This ignorance may spread like a viral infection,
If we don't spread the truth about the ressurection,
The people have questions and they seek direction,
But there are too many religions at the intersection.
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