The Dangerous Calling

What if your calling could potentially put you in a coffin?
Or injured in a hospital, blood splashes when coughing,
Bruised to the knees and still having to get up again,
Take your amour and go back to the same struggle,
Insane troubles, running through blood puddles,
As they represent the ink in my poetry journals,
May I live for this mission eternal; and preach,
On every network I can till the messages reach,
The poor, down trodden and sick to make them rich,
The lame, the blind, and those who cannot speak,
May the deaf hear the translations of my speech,
May God deliver from these, blessings to each,
As words leap from my lips to stop the mental eclipse,
That grips children on streets with no father figures,
Just crime families that teach them the trigger,
They flow in rap battles as much as the rivers,
They search for living water, Father forgive us,
For not taking this gospel to enough corners,
Fearing that we could end up in coffins dead,
No matter how hard may we spread your word.

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