The Invisible Woman

After reading an interview by Susan Hasler in the press,
I realized we overlook the person in the dress,
But she however has the the power to supress,
Egos of men known to have success in evil,
Empower that girl then you've done it for the people,
She has her great strength though I still maintain we equal,
Susan Hasler is an example of a woman with courage,
Willing to face any obstacle or taking the damage,
The Navy Team Six wouldn't have got Bin Laden,
If it wasn't for the women behind the manhunt,
All I'm saying is, let's stop the gender stereotypes,
Because women didn't get credit on the video-tapes,
Just like many died in the Zimbabwean liberation,
Many women have put sweat for this nation,
But still face some form of discrimination,
From family level; close relations,
Behind that victory is the invisible woman,
Equal to men, not less of a woman.

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