HBD To Aura

Poet-ess and singer Aura Mlilo has a Birthday today. I will paste this on her wall but leave an easier referrence. This poem is called HBD... wrote it this morning. Hope she enjoys it for she's a reader of good writing (and a writer of good reading).

HBD is not just Happy Birthday,
It's Have Beautiful Days,
Hate Bad Decisions cause you've risen to more reason,
Hold Beautiful Dreams of Harmonic Blessings Daily,
Humbly Build your Destiny and God Helps Build your Dominince,
He gives Blessings and Desires, like fire,
Humanity Breathes Daily because of your poetry,
Heaven Boasts of this Day,
You have chosen the way,
So when I say HBD its beyond the daily abbreviation,
Rises above meaning, verbal aviation.

(c) Michael Mupotaringa

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