You Hate Me :'(

I had the chance to make very good choices,
I chose the wrong whisper between 2 voices,
No one to blame; palms bury my face in shame,
Guilt burns me down like a smokeless flame,
Looking at this pictureless frame that could have held portraits,
Reality hit my nuts like cancer in the prostate,
I hurt and angered you, I bruised your heart,
You slowly healed without my help and used your art,
Once in every 6 months I'm just looking for a chance,
To show you I reformed from what I was once,
I aint perfect yet but I try, lets be friends again,
After all I put you through am sorry 'bout the pain,
Sorry for anything I did that made you sad,
I cry sometimes about it, thoughts consume me mad,
This is one of many soliloquiys in my writing pad,
The best way we ever exchanged messages encrypted,
Worlds apart now but undoubtebly gifted.

Merry Christmas

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