ZIMA Awards Back in 2014 After Sick Leave

ZIMA Awards ceremony has been away for a while as we all know. It was suffering from a certain illness perhaps but well they are looking quite fit this year and have even added Hiphop to their categories.

They will be taking music submisions from August 5, 2013 from projects that were "commercially" released. And with so much independent music out there I wonder if many good Hiphop songs that made waves qualify to them as "commercially" released. That was the same problem I had with Zim Hiphop Awards. They wanted records that have gotten radio rotation yet we live in an era where groups like Amvis have made more plays and downloads than most rappers on radio. 7,000 Soundcloud plays on an artiste who is not on radio is big because the ones on radio are not doing it. What does ZIMA mean "commercially"?

When we look at music records and them deserving to be awarded does the platform on which they were released matter if they made mass appeal on new ir other media ? See radio is fine but it is no longer the only medium through which music is heard. Radio is also subject to well known levels of corruption that it is not guaranteed that those who make it into the playlist system (hear it's now computerized) deserve it than those outside. It is crazy and you know when they start using such terms as "commercially" and such and such that's when the gates start closing for independent musicians out there who are the workhorses powering good ghetto parties.

Regardless of all my concerns I do hope with their chosen criteria the awards will be a success and represent the best as the best. Best is a big term. It is an important term and should not be misused on an undeserving figure.

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  1. i agree with you. People these days are pushing their music via social networks and its quite tricky if they start using the term 'commercially'


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